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If we pay more attention to the details of nature, we will find that each season brings specific messages and invitations. However, we often cannot see these signs because we insist that we are not an integral part of the environment and that we cannot learn and develop with it. The trees share many similarities with the characteristics of Human beings; each season of the year invites us to new postures and offers us a series of lessons for life.

We are a constantly changing and as much as it seems that we are without direction or without life as in the winter. Nevertheless, the tree has its strong roots and soon has its flowers and leaves again on next season. Life is a cycle the Human being is balanced in faults and gains incompleteness and loss like a tree.

“The trees grow beautiful and majestic fed by strong roots. Do not fear the storms; they have the connection with the Earth. They do not resist change and allow themselves to be carried through the cycles of nature with serenity and indulgence. Just pay attention to realize all the magical wisdom that exists in them ..."

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"Psychotherapy is not just an opportunity for people to feel genuinely heard. It is a relational space that welcomes the anxieties from which they are trying to escape, while at the same time maintaining links with the essential aspects of their lives"



In the Spring it is where everything starts, animals coming out of the burrows, light clothes, new shoots appear on the trees, foliage, flowers ...

It is the time of hope, of resumption, of searching for better times, it is a time of great expansion and strength.


Although the sun shines in the spring, the wind can bring a "hidden" cold. It's time to allow yourself to blossom and live your beauties.

Time to look inside, time for self-knowledge and learning.


Summer is the time of freedom, joys, colour, and expansive posture. Times of well-deserved rest and breaks, as well as a moment of consolidation and work, time of choices.


Hot season, open, full light, trees as well as Humans exercise movements that tend to the outside world.

Favourable time to express feelings and invest in activities and meetings that bring optimism and lightness.


Being in tune with this period is important, leaving more room for relaxation and fulfilment.


 In the Autumn it is time for change and tranquillity, preparation for difficult times. Time for the trees to lose the leaves, we can relate to our losses and separations ...


The loss is necessary to occur for the process of strengthening of the tree, as in mankind. If the trees would not let them go, they would not survive the next season. The leaves would burn in the cold of winter, and thus the tree's breathing cycles would end abruptly, which would result in the end of life. Nature shows us that surrender is necessary, we must let go of what no longer serves, to protect what is most important.


Autumn is a time especially filled with meanings that can enrich our perceptions.


In Winter it is time for recollection, prepare for the cold. People stay more indoors, clothes are heavier and dark and seek cosy and warm places. It is really a phase of recollection and internalization, it is a moment of descent.


A tree in winter concentrates its strengths in strong and deep roots, roots that anchor it to the ground and supply it with water and other nutrients, the tree teaches us that although it is in an adverse and difficult period, we can always ensure and relate to our roots. It's a process.


Winter is a good time to read, reflect and plan. It is also time to save energy and strengthen for the spring recommencement.

It is not simple, nor easy, but neither is it impossible. Like everything else in nature, our change processes take time to set up. Time to go on maturing, until it's time to harvest.


Step by step, reflect on the unnecessary weights that may be slowing your walking and letting go.


If you give up when it is winter, you will miss the promise of spring,

the beauty of summer, the expectation of autumn.

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