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Psychological assistance here promotes the healthy emotional development of the child / young person by understanding their emotional needs and difficulties.


We seek to develop the competencies and strategies necessary for the child/youth to learn to deal with everyday situations and conflicts in a safe and reliable space where they can freely express their difficulties, fears, and emotions.

What is Ludo-therapy? The Ludo therapy (Play-therapy) is the Psychotherapy adapted for the infantile treatment, through which the child, "playing", projects its way of being.

The purpose of this mode of analysis is to help the child through play, stories, drawings, and arts to express their conflicts and difficulties with greater ease, helping them reach their solution so that they can better integrate and adapt themselves to the external world. The therapist observes and interprets the child’s projections to understand what is happening and then act as an aid to the therapy process.


The psychological  sessions are weekly or biweekly, with a duration of approximately 50 minutes per session. But all cases are assessed individually with the psychologist and parents (responsible).

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