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I believe that every parent is the greatest expert on their own children. Accepting this we sometimes fail to listen to our instinctive wisdom and we may be misdirected about how best to deal with all the challenges that parenting can bring.

These counselling sessions are a space where we can learn to listen again to our inner voice and to regain confidence in our role as a father or mother. These are sessions where we can explore ways to deal with our children in ways that make our relationship with them a source of security and joy that enables them to grow up healthy, safe, and happy.

They are also sessions where we can take the opportunity to expose doubts, insecurities, fears or anxieties free of the judgments to which we are often subject to in daily life. 

To be a father, to be a mother! To be attentive, to understand, to act, to listen, to mediate, to observe, to play, to talk, to feed, to blame ... How incredible are the number of challenges that come to us in these roles?

The Parental Counselling sessions serve to reinforce skills, to understand the basis of some systematic difficulties and to enhance the creativity of the parents and the family.

Children do not carry an instruction manual, but the same can be said about their parents. To educate a conscious and self-regulated child (future adult) presumes the acquisition and training of various parental competences such as consistency, persistence, patience, resilience, among others. There is no recipe for education, but there are a number of ingredients that can be included in the parental relationship, which will be very useful in dealing with certain emotions, behaviours or events of everyday life. 


The sessions usually last on average 1 hour and 20 minutes and occurrence is based on requirement. 

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