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Our Approach

Our work is guided by Psychoanalysis; that is - Psychology with a Psychoanalytic approach -, in this sense, we work with the concept of the unconscious – a concept developed by Sigmund Freud.

In this way, we perform the therapy based on the word where we enable the individual to talk about their suffering.


Clinical practice is about getting the patient to talk about how they perceive themselves and how they present themselves to others. Our job is to assist the patient in the search for development, to ease suffering, anguish and any symptoms.

But here you are the one who masters how to lead your life, we work to assist you. Life belongs to you and any therapeutic conversation should focus on the beauty of being able to be more and more who you are and who you want to become.


Psychoanalysis is intended to promote well-being and if the problem presented is related to a current episode this is what will be discussed.



The analysis

The analysis returns to the past when the elaboration of an event is necessary for the understanding of the present moment. The elemental object of work in a session of analysis is the unconscious; through its manifestations, the therapist helps the patient to come into contact with internal contents that are still unknown and thus reach the goal of a therapeutic process.


Knowing the key role of psychotherapy is very important. In psychotherapy, one works directly with issues associated with internal conflicts of the individual that invariably generate annoyances in their daily life and in their respective relationships. The psychotherapist goes in search of the origins of frustrations and annoyances, understanding and discussing them, in order to make the person's life easier and more comfortable.


There are several approaches in the area of psychology, each line has its methods and techniques, each with its own importance. But what is perceived as effective in the psychotherapeutic process is the client’s engagement and the bond created with the psychologist, a relationship based on the empathy and trust.


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"Psychoanalysis is a cure through listening, through words, through availability of the internal resource that the analysand wants to invest in. It is a meeting of the duo rooted in the transference relationship and its complexity.

Above all, it is a method that helps the analysand to become, within their possibilities, someone more adapted to their reality and increase their emotional intelligence"

We always tend to avoid coming into contact with situations and emotions that bring us discomfort or pain (physical or mental). In practical terms, this means that we will almost always be trying to "sweep under the rug" those emotions that bother us. Try, for example, telling someone in your life that you are upset or sad. Almost always the person will respond with “let it go”. Many times you will be struggling with some unpleasant thoughts or scenarios that insist on invading your mind like a foreign body.

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