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Our Philosophy

Tree of Life Clinic is a space created to attend to a person in their singularity, to listen to them, to guide them, to identify different paths in order to provide emotional relief, self-knowledge, creative adjustment and the changes and transformations possible for each one..

The role of the Psychologist is that of a professional mediator to facilitate the encounter of the person with themselves through speech.


Anguish, fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, happiness or other shatterings... Who has never faced moments when these feelings seemed too difficult to deal with alone?


Doubts about which decision to make, insecurity with your partner, resentment towards a loved one, fears and insecurities in your choices… Have you ever experienced situations like these? Probably yes, because they are part of daily life for all people and it is precisely this content intrinsic to human life that psychoanalysis proposes to address.


Psychotherapy helps the individual to raise questions about oneself and reflect on their own psychic functioning, which allows a clear understanding of the situations experienced.

The goal of our clinic is to provide the individual or individuals as a family with the anguish of existing, with the questions that do not remain silent and with the right to dream and optimize the processes that permeate them.
Therapy leads us to build about ourselves, about the other and about life. In a way, it leads us to the dissolution of internal conflicts and the elaboration of new meanings for us and our journey.

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