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The birth of a baby involves a process that begins before birth and continues through the following years.


Perinatal Psychotherapy is the psychological accompaniment for anyone who wants to become pregnant, has already become pregnant or has just had a child. It is an area of psychology specializing in the psychological care of the woman or the couple in the pre-pregnancy phase, as well as in childbirth and postpartum.

It provides a space for reflection in which parents can better understand the countless changes that occur in each of these phases, expose their expectations, fantasies, fears, and anxieties, give a new meaning to their experiences and thus deal better with the new reality and alleviate any suffering.


The approach used is psychoanalysis and the frequency of sessions is evaluated in conjunction with the clients, but are usually a 50-minute session on a weekly basis.

All details of the therapeutic arrangement are personally agreed upon at the initial screening interview.

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