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Breastfeeding journey- Golden August


There are a few things we need to know about breastfeeding!

But first a little, reminder:

Promoting breastfeeding isn't shaming moms who formula feed. It´s always importante to highlight that.

Every mom needs to be respected and supported! For some moms the breastfeeding journey is amazing, for others is not possible, or even not wanted.We believe promoting education is the way to go.

- Breastfeeding is a Political act!

The overwhelming majority of women have some type of difficulty with breastfeeding: pain, cracking in the nipples, mastitis, too much milk, low flow and so on.There are those who have all kinds of difficulties within a few weeks after birth

. And, of course, there are "blessed" women for whom breastfeeding is not an issue.

- Breastfeeding and Work

To continue breastfeeding, working mothers need not only legislation that guarantees their rights and those of their children, but also a support network and managers at work committed to guaranteeing conditions that allow breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is more than the mother´s wish

If breastfeeding is established, it is a delight to breastfeed. But doing this two hundred times during the day and a hundred thousand times at night is not a delight.

There is no breastfeeding on demand that sustains eye to eye and passion all the time. It's the time that many mothers use to solve little things on WhatsApp, listen to podcasts, exchange audio files, read a novel, etc.

Nothing that is delicious is delicious all the time and It is ok NOT to like it all the time.


The first step for every pregnant woman is to seek information about breastfeeding.

Going through this process can be very challenging. You can do this by looking for a specialist or even talking to other mothers to exchange experiences.

Breastfeeding needs support but also needs accurate information

When a new mother is in the puerperium and hears the neighbor implying that her milk is weak, the mother-in-law wanting to give the baby a bottle, her own mom suggesting putting oats in the milk for the baby to sleep, it seems that these insinuations are immense aggressiveness.

But the more the new mother bets on herself, the more she realizes that almost all of these people are really trying to help her, from the heart, each with their own tool and that there is no need to cancel the family.

(Although sometimes it's accurate, yes)

-Support Network needs to support you

Your child doesn't need a mother who always gets it right. They don´t need a perfect mother. They need you, your lap.

Supporting a mother is above all, knowing how to listen. Support is a facilitator, representing respect and care. Surround yourself with positive words, loving listening, healthy exchanges, situations that are good for you, people and everything that encourages you.

Support is building a network of woven fibers of love, care and affection so that the mother can rest in peace with her baby and be able to practice her own way of being born and developing in her motherhood.

- Breastfeeding is for the partner

A child is not raised alone and the role of the partner in breastfeeding is essential. He or she may not be the baby's direct source of nourishment, but it is his or her duty to provide emotional support, care and attention during this very important time. In addition, of course, to help with household and day-to-day tasks, especially when the mother is breastfeeding or between rest breaks.

The partner does not breastfeed, but...


- Bath the baby

- Organize the house

- Prepare the food

- Take water, tea and nice warm things to the mother

- Change the nappies

and so much more...

"Breastfeeding is not done alone, not in pairs, or in a trio"

Breastfeeding is done with public policies, with labor rights, with a care network aware of its protective role against breastfeeding and, of course, with information to make informed choices.

Breastfeeding is more than nurture the baby it is also nurturing the mother on her process and journey.

Breastfeeding is a responsibility of all those who advocate and work with this theme.

Happy Breastfeeding Month!

Caroene Santos Murray

Clinical Psychologist - Children and adults

Perinatal and Parental Psychologist


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